Why Purpose Is The Foundation – With James Moffat

  Why Purpose Is The Foundation An Interview with James Moffat     James Moffat is a Scottish born entrepreneur living in Switzerland. After 20 years in the corporate world and thinking, ‘Is this it?’ he found himself on the outside, looking for a new adventure. On...

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Are You Worth What You Charge – With Janene Liston

  "Are You Worth What You Charge?" An Interview with Janene Liston - The Pricing Lady     One of the hardest things a business owner faces is setting the price for their products, especially if you are the product! Janene Liston moved from California to Switzerland...

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Why Entrepreneurs Need Community – With Johan Franzen

  "Why Entrepreneurs Need Community" An Interview with Johan Franzen     Johan Franzen, a Swede living in Switzerland, is proving there is entrepreneurial life after a long and successful corporate career. He's created what he calls a “virtual swiss army knife for...

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How Podcasting Can Grow Your Business – With Yann Ilunga

  "How Podcasting Can Grow Your Business" An Interview with Yann Ilunga     Yann Ilunga is a Swiss-Italian entrepreneur based in Helsinki. His passion is podcasting and as well as producing his own successful shows, he coaches those interested in starting and growing...

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Why Hire A Business Mentor – With Alessia Minkus

"Why Hire A Business Mentor?" An Interview with Alessia Minkus Alessia Minkus, serial entrepreneur, award winning business owner, international speaker and trainer. Originally from Rome, Italy & today spends half her time in California -  between her and her...

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Are you mad? Starting a business in a foreign country

    "Are you mad? Starting a business in a foreign country." With Alex Congdon   I feel for you. I know what it's like. The reality can be quite different from the dream. Didn’t they tell you that? In this inaugural episode Alex Congdon explores the fears and concerns...

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A Dutch food techie goes to Malta – with Alex Greve

"A Dutch food techie goes to Malta." An Interview with Alex Greve Interview with Alex Greve, a Dutch 'Food Techie' entrepreneur living in Malta & founder of, an e-commerce app unifying meal planning and grocery shopping. Tells the story of his ups...

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Don’t just network, build a network! with Dange Durrett

"Don't just network, build a network!"An Interview with Dange Durrett Dange Durrett left recently independent Lithuania for Chicago to raise her son and build her growth consulting business. She's on a mission to stop small businesses failing (85% do after 18 months)...

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I’m stressed! Here’s Martin Daubney to the rescue

    "I'm Stressed! Here's Martin to the Rescue." An Interview with Martin Daubney.   Martin Daubney, a Brit in Switzerland, has transformed his own experience with excessive corporate workplace stress into a coaching & training business helping other companies rid...

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Heroes need flaws too. How to tell your story on film

"Heroes need flaws too. How to tell your story on film." An Interview with Naseem Quraishi Larsson. In this interview with Sweden's most innovative digital storyteller, Naseem Quraishi Larsson explains why telling your story on film, flaws and all, can be the key to...

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The Drama of Meeting My Mentor

The Drama of Meeting My Mentor So I’m sitting on my EasyJet flight, Geneva to London, looking forward to a weekend gathering with some fellow podcasting entrepreneurs (will they look the same as they sound?) and also a live interview on my mentor’s Youtube show. But...

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