Our Coaches

We are a group of expert coaches who have come together to provide the English-speaking community of Geneva a monthly opportunity to connect, be inspired, grow in their personal and professional journeys and try coaching for free!

Barbara Roux-Levrat

Women Empowerment

Barbara Roux-Levrat is Europe’s #1 expert in teaching women how to become kick-ass in every area of their lives! Whether at work or in relationships, women have the tendency to undervalue themselves and accept a lot less than they deserve. It is time to break away from those patterns! She coaches individuals and runs workshops in English, Spanish and French.


Anine Ekelund

Finding Your Life Purpose

Anine is an expert at seeing where people are blocked from living their full potential. With loving engagement and effective strategies, she inspires you to elevate your energy and live your life purpose. She has worked as a holistic health educator, motivational speaker, workshop facilitator and life coach in all corners of the world for the past twenty years. She works in English, Swedish and Norwegian.

Contact:  anine.ekelund@gmail.com

Angela Steck

Health & Wellness

Angela Steck is an expert in health, wellness and emotional intelligence. A practitioner of Realizing Negative Emotional Impressions, her coaching approach offers tools to reinforce her clients’ emotional intelligence skills. She is the founder of L-O-O-K coaching « Set Objectives in your Life and with Kindness you will attract Opportunities ». French, Spanish and English speaking.

Contact:  angelasteck@lookcoaching.com