“Freedom or Stability? It’s time to choose.”

An Interview with Diana Dentinger

Diana Dentinger is an Innovative Change Maker & Influential Thought Leader who inspires you to Live “who you really are”.

Entrepreneur, Corporate Team Builder & Executive Coach. From Chicago, USA, now living in Torino, Italy. Podcaster & author. She starts the episode telling us that you need to choose between the two major values of freedom and stability – you can’t chase both! And she also has some interesting observations about why you can never really be fully part of a culture you were not brought up in.

We went just over an hour but the episode is full of great nuggets & fun! In her Number One Self Help Transformation book “Modus Vivendi – Your Life Your Way” she takes you on a journey to discover yourself. Recently awarded one of the Top 100 World Women Achievers for 2018 in the HR Congress held annually in Mumbai India.

www.dianadentinger.com – featuring a freebie page with personality quizzes, find your life purpose quiz, what is best career fit for you quiz and masterclasses on self confidence and time management.

Diana’s book: Modus Vivendi – Your Life Your Way (on Amazon)