“Heroes need flaws too. How to tell your story on film.”

An Interview with Naseem Quraishi Larsson.

In this interview with Sweden’s most innovative digital storyteller, Naseem Quraishi Larsson explains why telling your story on film, flaws and all, can be the key to connecting to your clients and re-creating your personal brand and identity. Especially after you’ve ditched your corporate career and need a new identity for your business.

Naseem had a career in change management at IBM before redefining herself, with the help of film, as an expert in brand story telling and film making. A daughter of Swedish and Indian parents she moved country several times and that resulted in a rather depleted network at home. But putting her self out there on film help her create a network of partners and clients when she launched her business.

Naseem is a published author with a nationally distributed book on Leadership in Sweden and is soon to feature her short film, Changes, at the Cannes Film Festival.

She runs free webinar masterclasses and a mentorship program as well as creating bespoke films, details of which can be found on her various digital channels