“Re-Wire Your Brain And Get Over Your Money Issues”

Alex Congdon interviews NLP Expert Michelle Masters
Michelle Masters, from California, is a world leader in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and has the incredible gift of helping people rewire their brains to overcome limiting beliefs and create powerful personal change.

In this amazing interview, Michelle talks about:

  • How entrepreneurs, and in fact all of us, have ‘changeable’ belief patterns around how much money we deserve in our lives and why ‘hard work’ is not necessarily the answer.
  • How Michelle helped clients attract wealth and money in to their lives with relatively simple reprogramming of their ‘internal software’.
  • The notion that we are not ‘our current age’ but rather we are all of our previous ages layered on each other, with all their belief patterns
  • How many of us are severely held back by the belief that we can ‘save’ or cure our parents or anyone of their short comings.
  • How reaching out for help, from mentors or others is essential for success – we can’t do it alone
Michelle’s latest book is called Money Magic and you can find more details on her work and the book at www.michellemastersnlp.com

Michelle’s YouTube channel can be found at :