The Drama of Meeting My Mentor

So I’m sitting on my EasyJet flight, Geneva to London, looking forward to a weekend gathering with some fellow podcasting entrepreneurs (will they look the same as they sound?) and also a live interview on my mentor’s Youtube show. But my left foot is throbbing with pain, adrenalin pumping into my stomach – I almost didn’t make this flight.

Being a last minute kinda guy, I woke up giving myself 30 minutes to pack and leave (I know, I know….). I spotted the trousers I wanted hanging outside on the clothes line and made a quick dash for them only to slip on the door mat (one of those that doubles up as Aladdin’s flying carpet) and banged my big toe on the door trim.

Time froze for a few seconds – I thought, “mmm, that’s a different kind of pain” and looked down to see half the underside flesh of my big toes hanging off in a perfectly formed squarish flap. So there I am, sitting down with left foot in hand, thick blood everywhere and ….. it’s 23 minutes before I have to leave, take the children to school and get to the airport.

Now it’s amazing what you can do when you focus, when you cut the fluff and just do what you need to do. I repositioned the flap of skin (deep breath….) and made a 10 second self medical evaluation – flight or clinic? flight or clinic ? The flight option won, so disinfectant spray and a large plaster in hand, I manage to patch everything together and clear up the mess.

13 minutes to go, the children and my wife looking on sympathetically, but they have to get ready too. Such is family life in every household at around 7.37am. Skip forward an hour, and here I am on the flight, guarding my left foot as it sticks out in the aisle, praying that none of the orange coloured flight attendants don’t step on it and thus cause a medical diversion to some foot hating airport like Brussels or Paris. So as I said, it’s amazing what you can do when you focus and have a clear objective. Today it was all about finally meeting my mentor after very intense long distance relationship! I wasn’t going to miss it.

I’ve had a few mentors over the years, but this particular one has helped me overcome huge inner ‘resistance’ to launching my broadcasting ‘career’ (well ok, a podcast show), where I interview expat entrepreneurs worldwide and coax out of them their real stories, the good, the bad the ugly. I’m going to meet the rest of the ‘class’ too – such an important part of being mentored, the supportive community around you some of whom will become business partners and friends.

So if you’re even considering hiring a mentor, are you prepared to throw yourself fully in, to focus relentlessly on the objective? Will you make the effort to build lasting relationships? And of course, the big question on my mind – will my big toe turn black and fall off by the time I arrive at Gatwick airport, London ?…..

“Laptops off, tray tables up please!”….yes madam…