“Why Hire A Business Mentor?”

An Interview with Alessia Minkus

Alessia Minkus, serial entrepreneur, award winning business owner, international speaker and trainer. Originally from Rome, Italy & today spends half her time in California –  between her and her partners they have started over 60 different companies generating over $2 billion in sales. Her main business today is Industry Rockstar which is currently touring Europe helping business owners create the results & success that they want. She runs that business with her husband Kane Minkus & also Kevin Harrington, the original shark on the hit American business show Shark Tank.
During this fun interview, Alessia shares her lessons including:

-why hiring a business mentor beats free advice from friends
-how a mentor sees the potential in you that you can’t
-how to sell : moving from fear to impact & empowerment
-the power of business & life partnerships
-the secret to maximising your energy in your business and life

And she also reveals why Italian women are great to date or marry!


If you would like to join Alessia and the Industry Rockstar team on one of their free upcoming business mentoring events in Europe or beyond, please visit here: